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Covid-19: An Elegy

So we saw the grim legions of

Our generation destroyed.

How we mourned them.


Are you, then, shattered and distressed,

Torn apart to see that ruthless scythe deployed?


Thus I beheld them, the strewn corpses before my sight,

Pale and bloodless, harvested, and all the flow'ry crimson drained;

I cannot but help look at them and stop in my tracks, saddened

By the meaningless waste, the futility of it all. 

What rigorous bloody sentence was this?

What conclusion tried?

Why are the dreams withered and sickened, into these blue-black shades?


Do you still shiver? As I do?

Stifled by a nameless fear?

Standing on the brink of the precipice

We all now stare out into the dark …. 

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A Sad Piper

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