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For Tahira Mazhar Ali Khan , RIP (5th January 1925-23rd March 2015)

Some souls pass away so quietly that not even the suspiration of their fleeting wings

is heard, or known, to us, among so many other activities, so many other things;


so, this was one such soul, that breathed its last, effortlessly and without pain,

melting away into the unknown, rising to the snowy Himalayan heights, shining forth beyond these dusty plains;


only now, people seem to have woken up to her plaudits, her praise,

something she never sought in her long and eventful life, through years of joy and strife


yet all this is somehow her due, more than many who falsely claim it

and its no small achievement, hers, at so many levels, when we think of it-


personal and national-- daughter, wife, mother; and an inspiring enabling guide

to millions, who flounder in the shallows, or sink with each fickle tide;


for these, the poor, the helpless, the friendless, the outcast,

she brought hope and comfort and a vision eternal, one that will last

and outlive us all.


(BR magazine April-May ed  2015)

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