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One to Four



One quarter of a century has elapsed

the diurnal movement of a life-cycle

rotating on its own axis

turned inwards and away from

hung by a nail upon the casement




Two of the nine lives have drifted

sinking somewhere near the embankment

while out prowling the empty streets at night

digging in this corner and that

poking here and there

in the trashcans lining the alley




Three horsemen have appeared

riding on fiery horses, spewing

their sulphurous flame into the darkness

scorching one and all with their terrible message

blazed ominously across the bedstead




Four has come arrayed

the number of an ephemeral end

a hermetic transmutation ordained

by the fluctuations of fatality,

falling like some ill-omened comet

helter-skelter with the dice.


(from ''A Sad Piper'', 1994)


Railway Tracks

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