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Sea Gull (Leith Docks, 1995)

Once before I've heard this

anguished cry


A long-drawn note of many-lettered woe,

The great open beak straining

against the roar of raging surf;


Head, thrown back, taut

against the distant sails


Anger flickering in eyes flecked with amber,

rolling in lonely knowledge,

this bond servant of the sea,

tied by its giant wingspan

to the torturous flight of sainthood



in its terrible existence


by the yellow fog of banality



to the squalor of urban beachfronts ,

snuffed out in the face of its own metaphor

screaming curses unto heaven,

proud to the very last;


''Once before'', I said,

''I've heard this cry''.

(from ''Burnt Offerings'', 1996)


Riverbeds flowing
Shandur Polo

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