Another Enslavement (With apologies to Tessa Ransford, 1997)

So another fragile art

Suffers enslavement

And powers that worship power

Fight another kind of war today.

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Life and Death , they say,

Together in this world were born,

Twin sisters sharing equal favour,

For who tastes one must also have

The other’s flavour;

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Edinburgh,15th June 1995

when in summer

brittle leaves fall

softly to the ground

they are no less beautiful;


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The world I see

Come with me

and see my world

come and see what I do

and what I see, too;


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A Morbid Attachment


they dance with abandon

round and round the cedar pole

at midday, in some sunny breeze

life dances with them

and much love, all

earthern bonds and heavenly promise

knitting them close, with

ties of destiny and common thought,

where little is said but much understood;


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