On Your Asking

You asked me what it was all about,

Why men and women dwelt so much

On the slanting tangents

Of come vague philosophy

And what I felt it was, and why

It was like this?

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Dark boats silhouetted 
sail along

one bold winter moon

always bent in pure reflex
those hands

move with the pacing breeze

between ropes, yardarm and cloth
deep woes gather

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A Sad Piper

A sad piper

played his pipes across my heart;

They were reedy pipes that played,

playing the wind

droning the bees

rocking the river

along those dark-spined banks


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Covid-19: An Elegy

So we saw the grim legions of

Our generation destroyed.

How we mourned them.


Are you, then, shattered and distressed,

Torn apart to see that ruthless scythe deployed?


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The River Bridge at Askole*

What are they laughing at?
The clouds making no vows,
In the morning, in the evening,

How easily they pass over
The stone bridge spanning the valley.
( Japanese Waka, 18th C)

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